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Total Recall Q3 News

DHS Announces the Release of Total Recall Software Version 8.7/4.7– Focusing on Security, Productivity, and Visibility

DHS Worldwide Software Solutions is proud to announce the release of Total Recall SQL Version 8.7 / Envision Version 4.7. The new release contains scores of new features designed to help records and destruction management organizations run a stronger, more efficient operation. An entire list of features can be found by visiting the DHS Worldwide resource center. 

The major themes of the summer release include security, productivity, and visibility. The Client Web Access portal features several new innovations, including a Two Factor Authentication Login Security feature designed to enhance the protection of you and your customers’ information. New web customization features allow records and shredding providers the ability to tailor the look and feel of the web to match each of their customers unique branding when logging in to make service requests, pay invoices, etc. (e.g., custom images, color schemes, logos, and text).

The new version also provides greater visibility and capabilities to dispatchers and drivers alike. New optimization and business intelligence features have been added which are designed to improve route density – offering higher profits to shredding operators. Featuring a new Dispatch Import Log, dispatchers can easily see detailed processing information for every driver and every order processed, including scan history, activity, and processing. Using the latest in barcode scanning technology, drivers can now add Ad Hoc Bin Services to any scheduled work order while in the field. For customers with multiple orders, a new Apply Signature to All Orders feature has been added to make it more convenient for the customer to sign off on the completed services..... To Read The Full Press Release - Click Here

DHS Delivers Their 2020 Educational Webinar Series and Announces New Customer Growth Center 

Since the start of the year, over 2,500 industry professionals have joined DHS to participate in a series of live online webinars, virtual training sessions and online self-guided training programs.

“We have found that one of the silver linings of the difficulties experienced in 2020 is an increase of dedicated time to learning”, says Paul Maggi, Director of Education and Compliance at DHS Worldwide Software. “We believe that our clients are most empowered when they understand how to best utilize the latest features of the Total Recall Software”

DHS educational webinar themes are selected and designed based on current industry trends and operator needs. With the start of the new year, DHS held their “Top 5 Tips for Increasing Profits Within Your Shredding Company” to help shredding operators redesign operational workflows and update processes to help grow their business. In February, DHS released their 2020 development roadmap during their “Annual Company Update Webinar”, helping prepare industry professionals around the globe for the release of many new industry first software features in Total Recall Software Version 8.7 / 4.7... To Read The Full Press Release - Click Here

Next Educational Webinar: "Diversification Opportunity: Helping your clients manage internal active records" 

As our 9th installment of our 2020 Educational Webinar Series, DHS invites you to join us for a free 45-minute webinar as we explore how Total Recall Envision Onsite Software can provide your customers with single point of access to manage both their offsite records and active onsite records. 

When: September 24, 2020 at 11:30 AM EST


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