In a highly competitive landscape where customer experience is everything, Gilmore Services sought to provide better service through a new technology platform: Total Recall Software. Total Recall software delivers exceptional customer management tools and operation/billing optimization features which exceed Gilmore’s expectation. This case study outlines how Total Recall aligned with Gilmore’s goal.

Built on Experience, Grown Through Service 

Gilmore Services was founded by James (Jim) Gilmore in 1955 with one truck and one employee. As a family owned and operated third generation companynow with 50 employees, Gilmore continues to carry on the tradition of exemplary customer service.

Gilmore Services treats each of their nearly 5000 customers as if they were the only one. Customers receive individual attention and same day service not typically found in big businesses.

“Because of our strong culture of customer service, aligning with the right technology partner for our shredding business was paramount.” said Jacob Gilmore, VP of Purchasing/Finance at Gilmore Services. “We wanted a strong partner to help us better service our customers...Total Recall Destruction Management software delivers.”

"We wanted a strong partner to help us better service our customers...
Total Recall Destruction Software delivered" 

                                                       -Jacob Gilmore, Gilmore Services

Better Customer Communication

Billing Reconciliation & Increased Admin Efficiency 

Realizing Significant Paperwork Reducation

With hundreds of emails and calls every day, Gilmore needed to  streamline communication both internally and with customers. With 

Total Recall workflow technology, everyone is on the same page and customers are automatically emailed with service dates.

As Gilmore’s operations continued to expand, so did the need to automate the billing process. By implementing Total Recall, work orders were now updated and closed electronically each day— ultimately reducing administrative work from weeks to hours.

By employing mobile devices and electronic signatures in the field,  Gilmore Services no longer prints 2 copies of each order daily. When 

averaging 15 trucks with 28 stops each, Gilmore has removed the  time and cost to print up to 1000 sheets of paper a day.



Billing Efficiencies


Revenue Capture


Customer Service Cost

Exceeding Expectations

According to Gilmore, DHS  provided the solution that met their needs and expectations. Most importantly, DHS delivered the strong partnership that was required to support a company of their size. With Total Recall, Gilmore can stay focused on what matters most, their customers. As a strategic partner, DHS is committed to their success and  growth — now and into the future.

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