Together with Total Recall Software, rugged mobility products are a critical component to your Records Management, Secure Shredding, and Warehouse Inventory Tracking solutions. At DHS Worldwide, we design solutions using enterprise-grade mobility that are more rugged and better suited for real-world enterprise use than their consumer-grade counter parts. And, when you look at the total overall costs, rugged mobility comes out on top every time.

For the purposes of this article, we’d like to take a deeper dive on what makes rugged mobility a better fit for the enterprise. Beyond the eponymous “rugged” design these devices bring to the table, there’s a lot more going on inside that deserves our attention. To be specific, we’d like to take a look at five key ways that Zebra’s Andoid devices are designed to help maximize enterprise mobility. 

Application and Environment
In a commercial environment, you need a tool that faces a variety of harsh conditions. Will it be used by someone wearing gloves, indirect sunlight, or mishandled and dropped by your warehouse person or driver? Zebra products are engineered to stand up to drops, spills, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, and more.

Power Needs

Will your device be in continuous use all day or even over several shifts? Are your workers always on the move? Power management goes beyond having a high capacity battery that could last a single shift. The power management capabilities within Android can enable longer battery life with fewer charges. And, with PowerPrecision Console, a Zebra Mobility DNA tool, you can identify and remove aging batteries from your battery pool before they impact workforce productivity.

Training and Ease of Use

The more familiar the operating system, the faster users will get to know the capabilities of the device they are using. Training employees on a less-than-friendly interface can take time and at best can only be partially effective. As the world’s most popular operating system, Android will be familiar to most of your workforce, which means less training is required on the basics, and users can find the functions they need quickly and easily.

Security and Lifecycle Management

Securing a mobility deployment is a multifaceted effort: from MDM selection and configuration; to policy definition, enforcement and training; and ultimately, to the capabilities of the device you select. Mobility Extensions (Mx) from Zebra transforms Android from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise-class OS with a series of additional features and options that improve security and device management. And, by adding Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android you can extend the life force of your enterprise mobile computers up to seven years, significantly lowering your TCO.

Total Solutions with Total Recall

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