A quick look into the latest developments and product innovations to be unveiled at the 2017 PRISM Conference.  Click Here To Read More

With technology rapidly advancing, the expectations of record center clients are higher than ever. The all new Total Recall Client Web Software represents the next generation of RIM technology. Thoughtfully redesigned, the new client web portal offers a significant move forward for the most widely used client portal in the industry! Click Here To Read More

DHS Worldwide, providers of the Total Recall Records Management software, is celebrating 20 years of innovation in the records management industry. Since 1994, DHS has been committed to the success of our customers by providing them the most innovative solutions and expert support. Click Here To Read More

Total Recall Software is trusted by successful records and information management operators all over the world with a proven track record of over 1,000 operations in North America alone. For nearly 20 years, DHS has demonstrated repeated success with growing independent record centers to multi-nationals such as Recall™, the second largest Information Management Company in the world. Click Here To Read More

Many document destruction companies are expanding their operations to include records storage and information management. These companies are discovering the significant synergies between their current operations and the commercial records management business. One of the most compelling reasons for a document destruction company to start a records management operation is the company's established customer base of ideal candidates for records storage. Click Here To Read More

The new TR SQL Web 10.0 provides your customers with the ultimate in client web access technology and continues to provide no restrictions on the amount of web users; in fact, each additional web user is free. The new TR SQL Web 10.0 is the industry’s most complete end-to-end solution for client web access and includes a smarter interface, faster search results, and added flexibility. DHS offers the most advanced Records Management, Vault Management, and Destruction Management software as well as fully integrated imaging technologies such as Scan on Demand™ and High Speed Digital Imaging. Click Here To Read More

For nearly two decades, DHS Worldwide Software Solutions has been an innovator in records and information management software. DHS Worldwide is committed to providing innovative enhancements to our software in order to ensure that our clients have a significant advantage over their competitors. Our enhancements focus on the following three key areas:

1. Increased efficiency

2. Improved and more accurate processes

3. Important enhancements that provide our users with functionality not found in our competitors solutions.

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There is a lot of discussion indicating that online hard drive backups are going to replace tapes as the medium for backing up data. In reality, the likely scenario is a blend of the two, with hard drive on line backups being favored for overnight critical high use data that is viewed as necessary for daily operations. Tape backup will likely continue to be utilized for long term archival data.  Click Here To Read More

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