Enterprise Mobile Computing

Make the Most of Zebra's Enterprise-Class Features, Power and Security

Wi-Fi or Cell Data 

Direct database communication via web service. Live updates. Send and receive inventory picking or driver jobs wirelessly. 

Secure Communication

Login / password validation per user on each device. Supports secure https transmission of data.

Instant Communication

Users receive instant notification of errors, warning or sucesses. Jobs can be sent on the fly or moved to other users.


Supported Operating Systems

Supports Windows Mobile and Android OS (Total Recall Envision Mobile Software) on approved Zebra devices.

Barcode Scanner FAQ

Zebra supports an enterprise barcode scanner offering faster scanning performance and more accurate scanning of barcodes. 

Zebra devices support enterprise durability including top tier drop/water resistant and maximum scratch/shatter resistant screen.

Zebra devices offer business-class accessories such as 5-slot charging stations designed for enterprise use, holsters and boots. 

Most Zebra devices are equiped with a full shift battery life (up to 14 hours). 

Replacing Hardware? 

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